Globally-inspired, locally-sourced, home-cooked.

We're your cozy neighborhood kitchen, here to feed you and change the world. We cook hearty food, with a lot of heart.

Food that makes you feel good, and protects our planet

🌱 100% plant-based

High-protein meals that fuel your body and soul

🥕 Made with "imperfect" foods

Using produce that would otherwise have gone to waste

♻️ Circular container system

Instead of single-use packaging

Customer love 💛

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Weekends at Second Nature

In addition to our regular menu, we offer a weekend dining menu where we experiment with new ideas and recipes.

We have limited capacity for these events so please book ahead of time.

Every second Sunday of the month, we also open up the space for up and coming artists to showcase their live music.

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Improving your health and reducing your footprint has never been easier. Join our growing community and help us build a more sustainable food future.