How it works:

Choose your plan

Pick a plan that fits your needs and schedule (scroll down for options.) The subscriptions are weekly and you can pause or cancel anytime. No strings attached.

You'll set up a username and password for easy login the next time you order!

Order your meals

Take a look at our updated menu to see what's cooking in our kitchen! Then log in and add the meals you'd like to your cart, and check out to redeem them from your subscription.

Order all your week's food at once, or spread out your orders over the week. It's up to you!

You can order ahead of time online to reserve your favorite dishes, or order on the spot at our café! Want your dishes warmed up? Just let us know when ordering with one easy click.

Pick up

Come by anytime we're open to pick up your food (and say hi to us!)

We're in the charming Oud-West neighborhood of Amsterdam, at Potgieterstraat 47.


Now for the best part–it's time to eat! You can eat your meals right away, or store them in the fridge up to a week. (Or freeze them! Our reusable containers are fridge- freezer- and microwave-friendly.)

Feel like eating out today? You can redeem the meals in our café, and we'll serve them to you at a cozy table on a real plate.

Bowls with benefits

Healthy and sustainable meals

Our flexible subscriptions make it easy to eat responsibly:

  • Delicious and protein-packed meals with lots of veggies (and flavor!)
  • Plant-based goodness
  • Home-cooked with as little waste as possible
  • Food made from rescued produce (that didn't meet grocery store standards. Extra large potatoes, bendy carrots, blemished courgettes....etc.)

Weekly rotating menu

We change our menu regularly, based on the ingredients we are able to rescue and what's in-season. This also keeps things fun and exciting, so there are lots of new flavors for you to try! You can check what's currently available by checking our menu page.

Flexible plans starting at €7

Our super-simple plans let you choose how many meals you'd like each week. When you log in and check out, the meals included in your subscription are automatically redeemed.

Got a sweet tooth, or just want to get a coffee on the run? It's super easy, just add what you want to your basket in the same order. You can pay for anything extra at checkout!

Unfortunately we can't roll over meals. We're here to fight food waste, so we try not to over-cook. But don't worry, you'll get a reminder if some of your meals are about to expire.

Pause, change, or cancel subscriptions at any time

Going on vacation? Got a full fridge? No stress. You can pause or cancel at any time, and restart when you're ready.

You can also upgrade or downgrade the subscription, so if you need more or less meals next week we've got you covered.

Manage your subscription by logging in to your account and clicking on 'subscriptions' from the menu on the left.

A circular container system

We give you free reusable bowls for all your meals when you subscribe! (So if you choose 3 meals per week, we'll give you 3 bowls to use.) When you pickup meals, bring back your bowls and we'll refill them! If you forget, lose or damage a bowl, you can purchase a new one with your next order.

We use high-quality and BPA-free Mepal containers. The bowls have a tight seal that won't come open in your bag, even while cycling! Trust us, we've tested them. 😉

When you heat up the meals, you can use a pan or a microwave. (The bowls are microwave-safe, which makes them perfect for lunch in the office!) In the microwave just remove the lid and heat for 1-2 minutes. Or in a pan, add a bit of water and heat on low/medium heat for 3-5 minutes.

Flexible weekly plans that work for you

  • 1 meal


    Let this be your weekly treat 💛

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  • 3 meals


    Take some of the stress out of your week ⭐️

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  • 7 meals


    We know you're busy–so let us take care of the cooking!

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Need help with your subscription, or have a question about our plans? Send us a message at