We're your cozy neighborhood kitchen, here to feed you and change the world. We cook hearty food, with a lot of heart.

Our recipes draw on cuisines from around the world.
Our suppliers are local.
Our menu changes with the seasons.

This means that our meals are always fresh, never boring, super nutritious, and have a reduced environmental impact.

What we stand for:

Our mission

Our goal is to accelerate our community’s transition towards more sustainabe food. The effort and cost involved in planet-friendly eating is usually left up to the consumer–but it shouldn’t have to be! We want to create an environmentally-conscious option that’s so easy and convenient that you don’t even have to think about it–sustainability just becomes second nature.

Our food philosophy

We make home-cooked, down-to-earth food, inspired by many cuisines from around the world. We put plant-based and whole-food twists on traditional recipes, to give your body the fuel it needs and the flavors you crave. Our meals are nutritionally-crafted with special attention to protein and macronutrient balances. And we try to create as little waste as possible during the cooking process!

How we create environmental impact

At Second Nature, we’re always looking for new ways to reduce our (and your!) environmental footprint:

  • We’re plant-based, to avoid the land-and-water usage and emissions created by livestock.
  • Our dishes use “imperfect” produce rejected by the food industry, which would otherwise have been wasted.
  • By cooking with what's in season and locally-sourced, we generate fewer emissions from transporting produce.
  • We try to use as much of every vegetable as possible, including the often-discarded pieces like seeds, skins, and stems. (There are a lot of nutrients in there!)
  • We have a circular packaging system for our food, with reusable, fridge/freezer/dishwasher/bike-basket-friendly containers.

Our planet-saving partners

Kaap Koffie

"Cleanest coffee on the planet"

It's a big claim–but Kaap Koffie delivers, in the literal and figurative sense of the word! An initiative by Kaap Kargo, they sail to Colombia on wind power alone, where they buy the beans directly from the woman-owned coffee-growers cooperative. These beans are organic and sustainably-grown using biodynamic farming practices.

Once back in Amsterdam, the beans are roasted by ID Organics, and distributed by electric vehicles. When you order a cozy cup of coffee in our restaurant, you can savor it even more knowing it made it to you with no transport emissions!

Instock Market

"One third of all food worldwide is wasted."

Instock has been working to solve this since 2014 by putting food waste on the map. They previously did this with their our own Instock restaurants and catering company, but today they rescue food on a much larger scale!

Now operating as a wholesaler, Instock Market, along with chefs and restaurants throughout the Netherlands, has already saved more than 2 million kilos of food from waste. They rescue food at various stages in the supply chain, and give it a second chance at becoming a tasty dish.

Our delicious meals are packed full of their wonderfully "imperfect" or over-produced veggies which would otherwise have been thrown away–nourishing you and protecting the planet!

Selection Sauvage

Selection Sauvage curates a selection of handcrafted wines, each one a testament to the artistry of nature and craftsmanship. Every exquisite bottle tells a story of passion, authenticity, and the artistry of the vine. 

Natural wines are made with organic grapes, which means no pesticides or herbicides are used in the vineyard. But they are also often biodynamically grown. And since natural wine is produced without all the “corrective additives” that can "fix" flaws in the grapes after they've been harvested and taken to the winery (like sugar or tartaric acid) and sulfur, there’s a return to a more traditional farming practices.

A lot of small producers grow the fruit themselves, hand-picking it as opposed to machine-harvesting, and carefully maintain the quality of the soil. All of these changes create more sustainable and planet-friendly bottles than mass-produced "industrial" wine.


Mepal creates durable, long-lasting, and BPA-free reusable products for storing and transporting food. The company designs and produces their stock right here in the Netherlands, and they want to encourage the world to reduce food waste and tackle over-production. You can read their sustainability pledge here.

Mepal offers containers that allows you to keep your food fresh for longer, and their high-quality products last for years (with a long warranty, and replacement parts available for almost all products!) We use their fridge/freezer/microwave/bike-basket-friendly containers for our circular bowl system, to avoid single-use packaging.

Margo's Amsterdam

Margo's is a local Amsterdam bakery where the entire menu is 100% plant-based (vegan), mostly organic, and always fair-trade & sustainably sourced. They use the freshest ingredients whilst paying the farmers the wages they deserve.

They're on a journey to change the way we eat for the good of the planet and all living beings....one buttery, delightfully flaky croissant at a time. We carry a selection of their goodies in our store, where they pair perfectly with our zero-emission coffees.

Too Good To Go

Food waste is a massive problem (it's responsible for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions–that's more than the whole aviation industry!) But Too Good To Go aims to be the solution. They've created an app that lets you save Surprise Bags of surplus food from going to waste at local shops and restaurants. Bonus: it's at least half-priced! A win for your wallet, and the planet.

As fellow partners in food-waste crime-fighting, we use the app if we have any unsold food that needs using up. Keep an eye on the app to see if we've listed any "lekker" leftovers!